VetDrop TDA system

TDA is a new method for transdermal application. It enables a controlled and needle-free indication of active substances down to the deep subcutaneous tissue. TDA offers an alternative treatment for a wide variety of conditions. It is based on a perfect interplay of the most modern medical technology, the effect of multimolecular hyaluronic acid and the supporting power of high-performance plant extracts.

Local transportation

TDA enables the user to transport high local concentrations of pharmaceuticals and other active substances into defined areas of the body and into the depths of the inner joint. The systemic drug level, which translates directly into drug-related side effect risks, is significantly lower than with conventional drug applications.

Effect that goes through the skin

Vetdrop TDA enables the transdermal transport of even large molecules with high local dosages and low systemic loads. The application achieves a long-lasting availability from the tissue and increases thissubtopical redox-Potential to prepare the cells for the drug dose. 

Vetdrop Therapy System

The TDA system generates highly concentrated and particularly pure oxygen from the ambient air. This is an essential part of the application. Due to the high oxygen partial pressure, the special Barrier breaker in the preparations activated. These open the cornea in such a way that the active ingredients migrate through it and in a targeted manner down to the depths Dermis can advance. 

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