Vetdrop your animal care system.

Vetdrop is an excellent grooming system. Nursing care, especially where treatment by a veterinarian or active therapy by a therapist is required, provides a comprehensive and loving system of care for your beloved animals. 

The Vetdrop care system does not damage the skin. The application is painless. Even sensitive or traumatized animals accept the treatment. Because the system is very pleasant, cools, massages and is calming. Most animals enjoy the treatment and fall asleep. The system supports regeneration and has a positive effect on the animal. Vetdrop promotes the quality of life and performance of the animal.

Efficient system

Vetdrop was developed as a maintenance system to support veterinarians and professionals in the fields of breeding and sport. Vetdrop can be used for small and large animals and is very effective in combination with other systems.

While the system is often used in therapy stables for large animals, which are set up in close cooperation between veterinarians and therapists, it is aimed directly at veterinarians for small animals in order to enable them to care for the animals with the greatest possible success. Some practitioners also use the system for oxygen-based inhalation therapy and as a powerful oxygen source for anesthetic surgeries.